Vegetable salad with eggs and cheese layers


A simple and delicious salad of canned peas, boiled carrots, leeks, chicken eggs and cheese will be festive if put all the ingredients in layers in a transparent salad bowl. Perfect the combination of products is complemented by cream mayonnaise sauce. Cooking it at home is not at all difficult, can be done as garnish to the main course.

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  1. Carefully wash the carrots with a sponge, boil until tender, cool and clean. Hard-boiled eggs, cool and peel. To speed up the cooking process, hot carrots and eggs pour ice water.

  2. Mix mayonnaise with cream, a little salt and ground pepper. Put peas at the bottom of the glass salad bowl (leave 2 tbsp) and grease with prepared sauce (½ part).

  3. Cut the prepared carrots into cubes and spread them on peas.

  4. Cut the leek in half rings and add the carrots on top. Lubricate with the rest of the sauce.

  5. Dice the eggs, put them on the leek, sprinkle everything layers with grated cheese and garnish with leftover peas.

  6. Cool the prepared beautiful salad in layers for at least 1 hour and serve.

  • peas
  • mayonnaise
  • carrot
  • cheese
  • eggs

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