Veal with linguine, spinach and pesto: video recipe


The most delicious pasta I’ve ever tried. Combination of bell pepper with truffle oil and pesto in a compartment with the most tender veal will take you to a gastronomic paradise.

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  1. Pour 1 liter of water into the pan, put on medium heat, bring to a boil and salt.
  2. Put the paste, gently separate with a fork, mix and cook as indicated on the packaging, stirring occasionally.
  3. After that, discard the finished paste in a colander, sprinkle sunflower oil and mix.
  4. Wash bell peppers, remove the stalk and seeds, cut into cubes.
  5. Grate the cheese on a grater.
  6. Wash the veal, dry and cut into cubes. To the pan heat and over medium heat, pour in sunflower oil, warm it and add the bell pepper, fry for 2 – 3 minutes, stirring, then lay the veal and fry for another 4 – 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
  7. Add spinach, truffle oil to meat and pepper, mix and warm for 1 minute, then pour cream, pesto, paste, sprinkle with cheese, add salt, pepper to taste, mix and simmer until the sauce thickens. Enjoy your meal!
  • linguini
  • Parmesan
  • Paste
  • pesto
  • cream
  • veal
  • truffle oil
  • spinach.

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