Trifle OREO: video recipe

0 Trifle OREO: video recipe

The simplicity of cooking and taste are driving you crazy! The recipe is even possible make it even easier by using chocolate cookies instead of biscuit like Lyubyatovo, not icing, but just chocolate, but I adore a biscuit.

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  1. Cut the biscuit (or cookie) into cubes or break hands.
  2. Grind half OREO cookies into crumbs and half leave to decorate desserts. But this is optional.
  3. Cold curd cheese and cold fat cream with beat with powdered sugar with a mixer.
  4. Add OREO crumbs to the cream and mix.
  5. Spread dessert in transparent disposable cups layers: slices of biscuit-cream-biscuit-cream.
  6. Garnish with a whole OREO cookie on top.
  • oreo
  • cream
  • Biscuit
  • cake

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