Three-day cabbage with beets


Very tasty and nice looking cabbage is obtained by this prescription. To cook such pickled cabbage at home is not at all complicated. Good as a standalone snack or crispy juicy additives to any second dish.

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  1. Choose a medium-sized, strong, hard cabbage. Chop her small rectangular or rhomboid plates.
  2. Boil and chop the beets with mugs or bars.
  3. Stack in three-liter jars, alternating layers of cabbage and beets, adding cloves of garlic.
  4. Boil water for the marinade, stir salt, sugar, vinegar.
  5. Prepared hot marinade pour jars, leaving a place for oppression. You can use cans of water as oppression smaller diameter.
  6. Remove to a dark place.
  7. Cabbage can be served on the table on the fourth day. Store in cool place. Keep in mind – cabbage is not subject to long storage.

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