Sweet Pepper, Cucumber and Korean Salad carrots: video recipe


I love experiments, and this salad is one of them. Of course, maybe I not the only person on earth who made such a salad, but nevertheless – What lay in my salad pushed me into this salad the fridge. As my husband says, you need to cook from what is on hand and I had a cucumber, bell pepper and Korean carrot. Opla, and it turned out such an incredibly tasty salad that it was immediately included in the list of my favorite dishes. And was even tested in later guests at the birthday party, causing positive emotions. But remember, the taste of Korean carrots is of great importance.

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  1. Chop the cucumber and bell pepper.
  2. Put the vegetables in a salad bowl, add Korean carrots.
  3. Pour the salad with soy sauce and sunflower oil, well mix. No salt needed, as soy sauce in this salad replaces salt; if you don’t have enough, add more sauce. Highly delicious and light salad of sweet pepper, cucumber and Korean carrots ready. Enjoy your meal.
  • delicious salad
  • light salad
  • vegetable salad
  • pepper and korean carrots
  • plain
  • cucumber salad
  • Korean carrot salad

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