Summer salad snack “Watermelon slice”

Impress your guests and cook this new kind of salad on next picnic: instead of iceberg lettuce, use the same juicy watermelon. Cut a large slice for each guest and pour top with blue cheese dressing, sprinkle with crispy bacon and finely chopped chives. Food lovers will appreciate the interesting combination sweet fruit pulp with delicate dressing and piquant slices blue cheese. A crispy bacon will become a kind of highlight texture that fills the salad with notes of haze. Share with friends: Photo Summer salad snack Time: 10 minutes Difficulty: Easy Portions: 8


Cut a small seedless watermelon into 4 pieces, then cut every quarter in half. Pour slices into dressing with slices blue cheese and sprinkle with chopped fried bacon and chopped chives. Recipes with similar ingredients: Watermelon, cheese with mold bacon

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