Stuffed Eggs Assorted

Stuffed eggs are one of the best options, which is great. Suitable for Easter. Follow cooking instructions classic stuffed eggs plus 8 options. Start with the classic recipe for stuffed eggs and then try bring something more interesting to this appetizer. You are not only find most of the ingredients for this dish in the fridge or cupboard, but cook it quickly and you can feed a large количество гостей. Photo Stuffed Eggs Assorted Time: —


Stuffed Eggs Assorted

1. Great hard boiled eggs

Put the eggs in cold water. Bring it to a boil. Cover cover the pan, turn off the heat and leave for 13 minutes. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

2. Classic

For the classic version, remove the yolks from the finished eggs and mix them with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

3. With bacon and blue cheese

This piquant option is very simple. Cook classic stuffed eggs, then add chopped bacon to the mixture and blue cheese. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

4. Greens

In these stuffed eggs, chopped chives are added and pickles. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

5. With mango chutney

For a bright, spicy mixture, mix egg yolks with red curry paste and mango chutney Stuffed Eggs Assorted

6. With spicy sauce and cheese

Update the classic version with a few drops of hot sauce and crumbled cheese. The taste will be bright and piquant. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

7. With pesto

Add a little pesto to the classic stuffed eggs. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

8. With onions

Garnish classic stuffed eggs with fried onions. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

9. With pickled okra

These special southern vegetables are deliciously pickled. Chop with thin, neat circles and put on stuffed eggs cooked according to the classic recipe. Stuffed Eggs Assorted

10. With crispy potato chips

Add crushed chips to the stuffed eggs, which will be crunch in every bite. Recipes with similar ingredients: eggs, blue cheese, bacon, pickled cucumber, chives, sauce chutney, pesto sauce, curry paste, okra, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, chips

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