Squash caviar


I previously shared a recipe for beetroot caviar, now I suggest cook delicious squash caviar at home. This caviar can be made even easier and faster.

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  1. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients. Squash caviar
  2. Take a deep frying pan or a cauldron (small). Add there butter and stew onion (diced). Stew until onions will not let the juice, the main thing is not to fry.
  3. Pepper is cleared of seeds and tails, cut into cubes. Add to the onion and simmer a few more minutes.
  4. My tomatoes, and make cuts on them crosswise, then pour boiling water (it’s easier to get rid of the peel). Take off peel.
  5. Cut the pulp of tomatoes and add to the pepper and onion, stew a few more minutes.
  6. If the peel is too thick, it’s better to cut it off, if soft, you can cut the zucchini in the peel. Chopped zucchini add to the stewed vegetables.
  7. Mix everything thoroughly, reduce fire to a minimum, cover and simmer until cooked, not forgetting stir.
  8. About 10 minutes before being ready, add seasoning.
  9. We clean the garlic and pass through a garlic squeezer, add to caviar.
  10. Serve with croutons, bread rolls or bread (perfect Borodino).

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