Shrimp hot roll: recipe video


Do you like rolls as I like them? I want to show you one from home cooking options for delicious hot rolls in batter.

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  1. We prepare the batter: beat the egg until white foam, add 200 ml cold water, mix, mix flour, salt and pepper, mix with egg and water (the dough should not be too thick and not too liquid).
  2. Dip shrimps in batter, then in tempura and fry on oil.
  3. Put the bag on the mat (you can wrap the mat film), then we put a whole sheet of nori (for cooking hot roll seaweed out you need to use a whole sheet).
  4. We spread the rice, distribute it on the sheet exactly in half, lay out the filling (shrimp and cheese viola) roll the roll as shown in the video, then wet the edge of the sheet with some water so that it sealed up.
  5. Dip the resulting roll in batter and fry on the vegetable oil, cut into 8 parts, bon appetit.
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