Shawarma with chicken and vegetables: video recipe


Good afternoon friends?? Do you like fast food? Or rather shawarma or Shawarma, who calls what? I love very much and my son is her loves ?? I cook it at home quite often. Maybe it’s not very healthy dish, but very tasty?

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  1. Chicken breast cut into small strips. Add salt black pepper, seasoning for chicken, mix everything well and I leave to marinate for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Fry the breast in sunflower oil until golden colors.
  3. I’m making the sauce. In a bowl I mix sour cream, mayonnaise, ketchup, add garlic through a press, salt, sweet red paprika. Everything mix thoroughly.
  4. I prepare vegetables: finely chop the Beijing cabbage, cucumbers small strips, tomatoes in small cubes.
  5. On a sheet of pita bread I spread a little sauce, on top Beijing cabbage, pieces of chicken, again a little sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes. Sprinkle some vegetables on top with salt.
  6. I wrap pita bread with an envelope.
  7. Fry the shawarma in a dry pan from two sides to golden color.
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