Sandwiches with cod liver: video recipe


Cod liver is very tasty, healthy and unusual delicacy. Some 10-15 years ago, sandwiches with liver cods were made on the festive table, but times have changed, and this the product has become not so popular among housewives, despite its taste and healthy qualities. I love cod liver sandwiches and I offer you one of the many options for cooking at home delicious sandwiches with this valuable product.

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  1. Boil the egg in a steep and grate on fine grater.
  2. Add cod liver to the egg, garlic, passed through the press, chopped greens and mix well until smooth masses. The filling for the sandwiches is ready.
  3. Put butter in a preheated pan after how it melt dip each piece of loaf on both sides into this oil and fry until golden brown.
  4. Put the filling on the toasted loaf in an even layer.
  5. Put a circle of fresh cucumber on top, which must be salt to your taste. You can also decorate put a drop of mayonnaise on each circle of cucumber. Unusually Delicious cod liver sandwiches ready to be served. Enjoy your meal.
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