Sandwiches for a snack with arugula, tuna, lettuce and eggs: video recipe


Ahead, the most favorite time of the year is summer. And that means that such the option of making delicious sandwiches at home is great for a picnic and just a snack in the fresh air.

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  1. 4 slices of whole grain bread smear with cream cheese (I have it took about 100 grams).
  2. Stuffing, 1 option: lettuce (2 pcs), 2 tsp canned tuna, 1 boiled egg. We form a sandwich and cut it into 2 parts
  3. Stuffing, option 2: arugula (10 gr), 1 tsp pesto paste, 2 slices of fresh cucumber, half a tomato.
  • snack
  • pesto
  • arugula
  • eggs

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