Salad with chicken, mushrooms and eggs: video recipe


If you still have boiled or baked chicken, then try to make a delicious and satisfying salad with it!

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  1. Wash the mushrooms, cut into plates.
  2. We heat the pan, grease it with olive oil.
  3. Fry the mushrooms over high heat.
  4. Add soy sauce.
  5. Mix and evaporate all the liquid.
  6. Wash the onion and finely chop.
  7. Hard boiled egg. Cut into slices.
  8. Wash the tomato and cut into small pieces.
  9. Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.
  10. Mix all the ingredients.
  11. Add olive oil, salt and 3 peppers to taste.
  • breast
  • boiled breast
  • tomatoes
  • breast salad
  • egg

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