Salad of seaweed, carrots and herring: video recipe


Try to cook this unusual and delicious salad from seaweed with the addition of slightly salted herring. These two ingredients are perfectly combined with each other, and in addition to them for completeness, carrots and salad onions are added. After This salad needs a little time to prepare. insisted and revealed all the tastes in full.

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  1. Lightly salted herring fillet cut into small pieces and put in a salad bowl.
  2. Add the grated carrots to the fish and chopped half rings salad onions.
  3. Pour the salad with apple cider vinegar and sunflower oil, well mix.
  4. Give the salad at least 20 minutes to brew. Such the salad will be even tastier the next day. Have a nice appetite.
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