Olivier salad – made in USSR

one Olivier salad - made in USSR

The undoubted symbol of the New Year’s table is Olivier salad. Exists many recipes and variations on how to make this dish, but still until then, one of the most beloved remains Olivier with boiled sausage. Soviet classics are relevant today. Home cooked delicious Olivier salad – made in USSR is suitable for any holiday backgrounds, and in order to diversify the familiar everyday ration.

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  1. First you need to boil all the vegetables and eggs. Cool them and clean.
  2. Potatoes, carrots, pickles, cut sausage squares, but not large.
  3. Drain the water from peas, it is advisable to do this with colander so that excess water does not get into the salad and it does not stack.
  4. Now all salad ingredients are mixed or laid out layers, to whom it is convenient, but more often than not, simply mix everything and seasoned with mayonnaise.
  5. At the end of cooking, you need to taste the salad if not enough salt, add salt. And a little crush ground black pepper.
  • boiled sausage
  • green pea
  • New Year
  • Festive table
  • we cut
  • Russian kitchen
  • Salad

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