Mineral water flat cakes with cottage cheese and herbs: video recipe


Tasty cakes cooked at home with cottage cheese and herbs from test on mineral water. The dough is very soft, melting in to the mouth.

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  1. Pour mineral water into a bowl at room temperature with gas-250 ml., add a pinch of salt and gradually pour the flour 350g. Knead the soft dough. We remove to the side.
  2. For the filling, take cottage cheese 9% 500g., Very well squeezed in Marle so that he is not wet. Add thyme, salt and pepper to to taste. Finely chop the greens, mix. Then we form from the resulting filling balls.
  3. We form a cake from a piece of dough and a finished filling ball. Thinly roll seam down.
  4. We fry in a well-heated pan from two sides.
  5. Lubricate each cooked cake with butter until roast the rest, ready to keep covered with a bowl or the lid.
  • tortillas
  • cakes with cottage cheese
  • dough

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