Light chicken and yogurt-garlic salad dressing: video recipe


Delicious and nutritious salad diversifies your family’s menu. Also I advise you to cook at home for everyone who adheres to the right nutrition.

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  1. 100 gr. put the chicken in a pan with oil, pour 30 ml soy sauce and simmer until the sauce is completely evaporated.
  2. We remove the chicken, pour a little oil there and fry 2-3 three minutes slices of white bread, diced.
  3. One pot of lettuce leaves and dry with napkins, we tear with our hands not very finely.
  4. Boil one egg, cut into slices, just cut one a tomato.
  5. Water the salad leaves dressing, mix gently.
  6. We collect salad on a plate: lettuce with dressing, slices chicken, on the edges of the plate an egg and tomato, crackers.
  7. Add dressing to the salad before serving.
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