Lentil salad with feta cheese: video recipe


Lentils – a unique product rich in vegetable protein, iron and folic acid. From lentils you can cook at home only a side dish, but also a delicious salad. And in combination with tomatoes and olive oil reveals the beneficial properties of lentils yet stronger.

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  1. Wash the lentils. Set it to cook for about 15 minutes.
  2. Rinse and prepare tomatoes, lettuce and greens.
  3. In a serving plate, cut (or narva) a sheet salad.
  4. Cut and put greens and tomatoes on a plate.
  5. Wash the finished lentils in cold water and put in vegetables.
  6. Add the feta cheese, sprinkle with black pepper, drizzle lemon, pour olive oil, salt to taste. Enjoy your meal!
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