Karachaev hitchines with potatoes and cheese, fried in oil: video recipe


Khichiny – one of the most honorable dishes of Kabardino-Balkarian and Karachai cuisine, without which not a single feast is complete. Khychins are thin cakes made on sour milk or kefir with different fillings. As a filling more often total used pickled cheese, potatoes and meat. Should note that the Balkarians and Karachais have a cooking method, like the fillings are slightly different. Karachaevsky hits are thicker and unlike Balkar fried not in a dry pan, but in oil. We will be preparing them.

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  1. I put the potatoes to cook until tender. I will use salted cheese, so I don’t salt the potatoes. Eventually You can add the filling to taste.
  2. Knead soft elastic dough. Pour kefir into a bowl room temperature, warm water, sunflower oil, add salt and soda. I am mixing.
  3. I introduce the flour in parts. Knead the dough. I cover the bowl cover and leave for proofing.
  4. I pass the potatoes with cheese through a meat grinder. Meticulously I am mixing. I form small balls from the filling.
  5. I divide the dough into small pieces and roll balls of diameter from them a little more than a filling ball.
  6. Roll out a little dough, spread in the middle stuffing, picking the dough around the edges in a ball. Pinching. Little flatten with my hands and gently roll out approximately 1 cm.
  7. I fry the hitchines in well-heated sunflower oil from both sides to golden color.
  8. Lubricate as ready with butter. I serve cutting into 4 parts. From this amount of dough, 6 hychins are obtained.
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