Juicy Fruit Salad

12 Juicy Fruit Salad

Delicious fruit salad made exclusively from fruit. This can be done for dessert or breakfast. Serve with a spoon of low-fat natural or Greek yogurt.

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  1. Grate the apple on the large side of the grater. Put the grated apple in a serving bowl. Juicy Fruit Salad
  2. Fill the contents with orange juice.
  3. Dried apricots cut into 4 parts.
  4. Peel tangerines, kiwi, banana. Tangerines are divided into segments, and cut the kiwi and banana into small pieces.
  5. Rinse the grapes and separate the berries from the brushes. Juicy Fruit Salad
  6. Add all the ingredients to a bowl of grated apple and orange juice and mix well.

Enjoy your meal!

  • Grape
  • breakfast
  • Healthy diet
  • Salad
  • Fruits
  • an Apple

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