Honey agaric salad with radish

0 Honey agaric salad with radish

Delicious autumn mushroom salad that brings a touch of flavor variety for your lunch or dinner. Peerless radish utility in it blends wonderfully with the taste of your favorite mushrooms. Try cook this unusual salad at home!

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  1. We wash fresh honey mushrooms, carefully trim. If come across large mushrooms, then we cut them. Pour into a deep frying pan and stew in vegetable oil. Honey agaric salad with radish
  2. We rub the radish. Honey agaric salad with radish
  3. Thoroughly mix the radish with honey mushrooms and season the salad vegetable oil, optionally sunflower, preferably olive, linen, mustard – so it will be much tastier. Garnish with greens desire.
  • mushroom
  • Mushrooms
  • Snack
  • Mushrooms
  • radish

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