Healthy Casserole Recipes

Try more wholesome recipes for your favorite hearty casseroles для здорового питания. Print version Photo Recipes for healthy casseroles

Кассероль с начинкой из острого чили под кукурузнойcrusty

Casserole stuffed with hot chilli under a corn crustThis dish has a whole bunch of bright tastes thanks the right ingredients: spices, tomato paste, pepper chipotle in adobo sauce and pickled jalapenos. Recipe: Кассероль с начинкой из острого чили под кукурузной корочкой

Casserole with spinach and minced meat for breakfast

Casserole with spinach and minced meat for breakfastEating healthy doesn’t always mean eating. nonfat products. The combination of cheddar and parmesan regular fat content is very satisfying, so for this simple casserole them just take a small amount. Recipe: Casserole with шпинатом и фаршем на завтрак

Casserole with rice, chicken and broccoli

Casserole with rice, chicken and broccoliPurchased grilled chicken and frozen brown rice simplify the preparation of this hearty casserole. Abundance of broccoli turns the dish into a balanced lunch. Recipe: Casserole с рисом, курицей и брокколи

Greek Moussaka with minced beef

Greek Moussaka with minced beefSpice, tomato paste, wine and vinegar add to low-calorie moussaka richness of taste. Recipe: Greek Moussaka with Minced Meat говядины

Hearty casserole with zucchini and kale

Hearty casserole with zucchini and kale cabbageVegetable Low Calorie Casserole contains Swiss cheese and regular fat parmesan. Enough use some cheese to make the dish easier without loss of taste. Serve the casserole topped with a green salad. Recipe: Hearty Casserole with Zucchini and Kale Cabbage

Vegetarian casserole made from green mexican tomatoes and cakes

Vegetarian casserole of green Mexican tomatoes and tortillasit gluten-free and inexpensive meal takes less than an hour to cook purchased corn tortillas and frozen chopped spinach. Recipe: Vegetarian Mexican Green Casserole помидоров и лепёшек

Potato casserole with mushrooms

Potato casserole with mushroomsIntroducing a healthy version of your favorite breakfast casserole: Greek yogurt, low-fat milk and a little flavored cheddar make this dish light and at the same time saturated. To save time, use purchased grated potatoes. Recipe: Potato casserole with грибами

Chilakiles – Casserole with Crispy Chips, Cheese and Egg

Chilakiles - casserole with crispy chips, cheese and eggThis breakfast is inspired by Mexican food. chilakiles. Baked tortilla chips, a mixture of eggs and egg whites, some hot cheddar and pepper pepper cheese – casserole contains a whole bunch of flavors without excess fat. Recipe: Chilakiles – запеканка с хрустящими чипсами, сыром и яйцом

Casserole with rice and chicken

Casserole with rice and chickenIn this casserole chicken paprikash is cooked with a side dish. Bell pepper – it is not a traditional supplement, however it is rich in vitamin C and gives the dish is a natural sweet aftertaste. Recipe: Casserole with рисом и курицей

Ham, cheese and egg casserole

Casserole with ham, cheese and eggsReduce the fat content in the casserole, using a mixture of eggs and egg whites, as well as skim milk instead of a mixture of milk and cream. Recipe: Casserole with ham, сыром и яйцами

Vegetarian Lasagna with Pumpkin

Vegetarian Lasagna with PumpkinFresh sweet nutmeg pumpkin gives saturation, and partially skimmed mozzarella provides a cheesy, viscous texture. Young fresh spinach fills a vegetarian dish with vitamins and minerals. Recipe: Vegetarian Pumpkin Lasagna

Baked Capellini with Mushrooms

Baked Capellini with MushroomsCasserole pasta is a pretty solid dish, but thanks to the replacement of some ingredients, this version contains less than 400 kcal per serving. Instead of regular sausage, take chicken and use very little cheese. Recipe: Baked капеллини с шампиньонами

Oven eggplant casserole

Eggplant casserole in the ovenThis is satisfying gratin-like dish is easy to make thanks to frozen gnocchi and purchased sauce. Recipe: Casserole of баклажанов в духовке

Oatmeal Casserole with Berries

Oatmeal casserole with berriesThis breakfast does not contain many calories and fats, but looks very beautiful. Thanks to berries and almond-oat topping the dish resembles a sweet and sour fruit cobler – it’s good to serve, adding Greek yogurt or milk on top. Recipe: Casserole из овсяных хлопьев с ягодами

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