Fried veal liver


Juicy slices of calf liver, fried in flour in a pan. The liver will always turn out to be tasty and tender, if previously soak in milk and quickly fry on both sides. The dish can cook at home as the main one with a side dish or, decorating lettuce, serve as an appetizer.

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  1. A piece of calf liver is washed, cut into thin small pieces, put in a bowl and pour milk. Leave for 1 hour.

  2. After 1 hour, mix the flour with salt, ground pepper and roll the liver pieces in the mixture.

  3. Spread prepared pieces in portions in hot oil and fry from 2 sides over high heat for 30 seconds. If the calf liver to fry longer, then it will become stiff.

  4. We put ready tender slices of the liver on lettuce leaves and served as a snack or with a side dish (mashed potatoes, boiled rice) as a main course.

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