Fresh and delicious diet recipes Whole30

Eating a Whole30 Diet? These recipes are suitable for this. nutrition systems based on lean protein ingredients, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats without the use of sugar, cereals, сои или молочных продуктов. Print version Photo Recipes of fresh and delicious dishes for the Whole30 diet

Горячая apple porridge

Hot Apple PorridgeApples and Raisins Provide Natural Sweetness in this porridge without cereals. Ground cashew nuts give a wonderful texture and serve as a source of healthy fats. Recipe: Hot яблочная каша

Bacon and Egg Muffins

Bacon and Egg MuffinsThese handy fried eggs baskets contain potato slices and wrapped in sugar free bacon. With this diet You won’t miss bread for your breakfast sandwich. Recipe: Bacon and Egg Muffins

Double-baked sweet potato for breakfast

Double-baked sweet potato for breakfastInstead start your grain bagel with your favorite ingredients for baked sweet potato sandwich. This dish contains almost 20 gr. squirrel on serving and will be the perfect breakfast after physical training. Recipe: Double-Baked Sweet Potato for Breakfast

Breakfast fritata with vegetables

Fried with vegetables for breakfastCook on breakfast is an egg dish rich in protein and vitamins; leftovers can be eaten for a week. Cheese perfectly replaces delicious bell peppers, onions, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Recipe: Фритата с овощами к завтраку

Crispy chicken strips

Crispy Chicken StripsBreadcrumbs are not used in the diet. Whole30, so nuts and seeds provide a crisp. Replace sweetened additives with quick baked dip sauce bell pepper. Recipe: Crispy Chicken Strips

Thai Vegetable Chicken Curry Noodles

Thai Vegetable Chicken Curry NoodlesWhat for need pasta if you can make noodles from thin strips of carrots and cabbage? Mix vegetables with creamy hot dressing and top put the baked chicken breast – simple and very tasty dish. Recipe: Thai Vegetable Chicken Curry Noodles

Coconut flavored shrimps with spicy pineapple sauce

Shrimps breaded with coconut flakes with spicy pineapple sauceSeafood and fruits play an important role in the Whole30 diet. In this dish, these the ingredients are used in an unusual way. Serve as snacks or main course, complementing it with salad. Recipe: Креветки в панировке из кокосовой стружки с острым ананасовымсоусом

Cauliflower and fried shrimp

Vegetable porridge from cauliflower and fried shrimpIn this beautiful seafood platter, color cabbage replaces corn porridge. Kale attached bright color and makes the dish balanced, enriching fiber and beneficial substances. Recipe: Colored Vegetable Porridge капусты и жареные креветки

Sesame Chicken with Broccoli Rice

Sesame Chicken with Broccoli RiceTransform Chinese-style food with this diet version of chicken and broccoli. Instead of rice used chopped broccoli stalks – a nutritious base for lean chicken and spicy sesame sauce. Recipe: Sesame Chicken with рисом из брокколи

Simple flank steak in the oven with butter and herbs

A simple flank steak in the oven with butter and herbsLean beef is great for dieting. Whole30, since it is an excellent source of protein and iron. Herb marinade gives an inexpensive meat dish an extra taste. Recipe: A simple flank steak in an oven with butter with зеленью

Baked potato with garlic

Baked Potatoes with GarlicWhite potato previously banned in the Whole30 diet, but now it can be use, because it is a rich source of fiber and other useful substances like potassium and vitamin C. For a wonderful side dish season the potatoes with garlic and olive oil and bake when high temperature. Recipe: Baked Potato with Garlic

Banana Coconut Smoothie

Banana Coconut SmoothiePerfectly sweet smoothies can be made without Sahara. This creamy drink without dairy products is prepared on coconut water based; banana and nutmeg balance the taste. Recipe: Banana Coconut Smoothie

Boiled Beetroot Salad with Radish

Boiled beet salad with radishWith this You will not get bored with beetroot salad greens. Home refueling is not It contains sugar, but it is very fragrant and rich in healthy fats. Recipe: Boiled Beetroot Salad with Radish

Low Carbohydrate Cauliflower Rice

Low Carbohydrate Cauliflower RiceRice and other cereals are unacceptable in the Whole30 diet, but shredded vegetables like cauliflower can successfully them replace. The soft taste of cauliflower allows you to use it in any recipe where you need rice. Recipe: Low Carb рис-обманка из цветной капусты

Guacamole with avocado slices

GuacamoleHealthy fats in avocados give a feeling of satiety, moreover, in this vegetable a lot nutrients and antioxidants that protect cells. Instead chips (unacceptable in the Whole30 diet) dip fresh guacamole vegetables. Recipe: Guacamole with Avocado Slices

Cuban style grilled salmon

Cuban style grilled salmonProtein grilled foods are an important part of the Whole30 system. Enjoy spicy salmon rich in omega-3 acids while serving him with vegetable salad. Recipe: Grilled Salmon in Cuban стиле

Arugula with fried plums

Arugula with fried plumsWhen grilling the natural sweetness of the fruit becomes brighter; salads and desserts will be especially tasty. When you want sweets, try Creative recipes with sweet fruits. Recipe: Arugula with жареными сливами

Diet Banana Smoothie

Diet Banana SmoothieNuts are not good only as a snack. Grind them in a smoothie blender, as in this recipe with banana and walnuts: they saturate the drink protein, give taste and creamy texture. A small handful of dates makes smoothies moderately sweet. Recipe: Diet Smoothie with бананом

Eggs in prosciutto bowls in the oven

Eggs in prosciutto bowls in the ovenMeat – a key ingredient in most breakfasts in the Whole30 diet, and these baskets of prosciutto with fried eggs are no exception. Thanks sauce Pesto This protein-rich dish will be a simple and fragrant breakfast. Recipe: Eggs in Prosciutto Bowls in the Oven

Chicken tikka masala in a slow cooker

Chicken tikka masala in a slow cookerFragrant and tender chicken tikka masala can be cooked in a slow cooker for 10 minutes. The recipe is for the Whole30 diet. Recipe: Chicken тикка масала в мультиварке

Paleo burrito in cabbage leaves

Paleo-burrito in cabbage leavesSheet cabbage is the main ingredient in these breakfast rolls suitable for a paleo diet. Fresh Avocado Wrapped Bacon, Eggs and Salsa in the tender leaves of forage cabbage; rolls can be prepared in a day before serving. Recipe: Paleo burrito in cabbage leaves

Steak and Egg Salad

Salad with steak and eggThis protein-rich scrambled egg steak salad Suitable for the paleo diet and will be a great start to the day. Soak red onions in cold water to remove excess bitterness – this the reception will come in handy more than once. Recipe: Salad with Steak and яйцом

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