Exotic Chicken Salad: Video Recipe


This salad is truly exotic, as in This salad contains exotic fruits. Exotic Salad with the chicken will become the king of the festive table for its goodness, piquancy and originality. This tender and juicy salad swept away by guests with lightning speed. Try cooking at home and see for yourself.

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  1. Peel and chop the fruit in small cubes.

  2. Take a round deep salad bowl, on the bottom of which you lay cling film or plastic bag so that it is easy came out of the salad bowl when you turn the salad over flat plate for serving.
  3. We begin to collect a salad, each layer of which needs to be greased mayonnaise (firstly, I used my own mayonnaise manufacture, secondly, less fruit can be used on fruits, than other products). Put kiwi on the bottom, then a banana, tangerines, grated cheese, grated eggs, finely chopped boiled chicken breast.
  4. After you lay out all layers of the salad, cover the salad bowl flat plate and turn the salad on it. Clean carefully with lettuce wrap or bag. Garnish the salad with kiwi slices and serve to the table. Enjoy your meal.
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