Cucumber Sauce: Video Recipe


Cucumber sauce is very refreshing, juicy, moderately spicy and incredibly delicious. It will be the perfect complement to meat dishes. (especially for barbecue and grilled meat), as well as it can be eaten on a slice of bread or toast. Having cooked it at home once and having tasted, you will cook it many more times.

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  1. Grate the cucumber. I rub on a coarse grater, because to me like to crunch a cucumber if you don’t like it take shallow.
  2. Put the grated cucumber in a bowl.
  3. Add cheese, sour cream, passed through the press to the cucumber garlic.
  4. Salt and mix. You can eat such a sauce right away. Enjoy your meal.
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  • sauce in 10 minutes
  • meat sauce
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  • curd cheese sauce

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