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If you want to surprise and pamper the kids or yourself, if you lifelong sweet tooth, then this simple home cooking recipe and a delicious dessert for you. This unusual dessert for tea will amaze you. its originality and taste. Chocolate itself is a favorite a treat of most people, and complemented by crispy corn cereal will make it even more attractive to the sweet tooth.

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  1. Break the chocolate into a deep plate, in which can melt chocolate in a water bath. I took a bitter chocolate 72%, but you can take any to your taste.
  2. Put the chocolate in a water bath and melt it to a state glaze.
  3. In the melted chocolate add the corn flakes and well mix to completely cover the cereal.
  4. On a sheet of parchment with a tablespoon, spread the mixture in the form small slides. Send the crunchy parchment to the refrigerator on 1 hour.
  5. Gently place the crunches on a plate and serve with tea or coffee. Enjoy your meal.
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