Cherry tincture: video recipe


The recipe is very simple: cherry, vodka and sugar. But sugar can do not add at all, I do with and without sugar. Than i like it’s from cherry, so that alcohol is not felt in it, just It is drunk, tasty and sweet.

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  1. Wash the cherries well and let the water drain. Do not wait for drying need to.
  2. Fold half the cherries in a three-liter jar. Good distribute and cover with sugar.
  3. Put the rest of the cherries and tamp a little.
  4. Pour ordinary vodka into the jar so that all the cherries are covered.
  5. Close the jar with a plastic lid and put dark for 30 days. You can leave up to 1.5 months even, but no more.
  6. Then you need to strain the tincture and pour it into bottles. Keep refrigerated.
  • alcohol
  • cherry
  • cherry
  • tincture

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