Cheesecakes: video recipe

one Cheesecakes: video recipe

In my opinion, there are hundreds of cheesecakes recipes: with eggs / without eggs / with flour / without flour and so on. I cook these, they turn out very tender and airy, and generally taste and color, as they say. Amount of flour and sugar varies: flour, depending on the consistency of cottage cheese, and sugar – from taste preferences and cottage cheese acid.

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  1. Mash cottage cheese with a fork with an egg, add sugar, vanilla, baking powder. To stir thoroughly.
  2. Add flour and continue mixing until smooth.
  3. Wet syrniki with wet hands, roll in flour and put on a preheated and oiled pan. To cheesecakes baked the same way, I advise you first to form all syrniki, and then fry.
  4. Cook on minimum heat from 2 sides to rosy.

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