Carrot, Apple and Onion Salad: video recipe


Tasty, juicy, sweetish and at the same time spicy salad, which is suitable for all family members. In addition, it is in this salad is a storehouse of vitamins, and such a salad can be prepared and eaten all year round.

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  1. Mix in a bowl honey, lemon juice, olive oil.
  2. Cut the onion into quarters and put in the cooked gas station. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
  3. Grate carrots and apples on a coarse grater. Stack vegetables in salad bowl.
  4. Put onion with dressing in a salad bowl for carrots and apples, well mix. Salt the salad to your taste and again mix.
  5. On top of the salad, pick parsley leaves with your hands. Salad is ready for serving. Enjoy your meal.
  • light salad
  • vegetable salad
  • simple salad
  • Mayonnaise Salad
  • carrot and apple salad
  • juicy salad

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